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FOSTER homes needed!

NWAS needs your help! Our list of available foster homes is getting very low. We need temporary homes for dogs and cats between Topley and Hazelton. You can have other pets and still foster! Each animal has different needs and requirements. We have some long term fosters and some short term....more

Celebrating 20 Years!

In late May the NWAS celebrated the 20th anniversary of becoming a registered charity. It has taken a lot of people, hard work, and dedication to get to where we are today. It will .... more

Lemonade please….

Iza (10y) and Taylor (8y) wanted to help the animals at the shelter. During the heatwave they came up with the idea ... more

Paw Month at Total Pet!

Did you know it’s Paw Month at Total Pet? They are currently collecting donations for NWAS in store and you can put your (or your pet’s) name on a paw to go in the window! Thank you to everyone who has already donated! They will be collecting until the end of the month.

NWAS Online Auction Fundraiser Finale

Happy Monday Everyone!!! I am happy to announce our Final Total of Funds raised for North West Animal Shelter from this Online Auction....more

Fostering the Runner Litter - Part 4

The title of these articles is a bit misleading now, when Part 1 was posted I was only fostering the 3 Runner kits. Then, to my great relief, Ivy and her 4 kits came along. For four weeks or so, Ivy took over a large part of the kitten care.....more

Fostering the Runner Litter - Part 3

Ivy, the Runners feline foster mother, has been great for the Runners. They are all gaining weight and otherwise benefiting from her nursing and grooming....more

Fostering the Runner Litter - Part 2

A good friend has a strong belief that our thoughts affect our lives, we can choose how we interpret various situations and if we are in need it can be useful to focus on what we want, literally “putting it out to the Universe”. The Runner kittens and I were certainly in need.....more

Fostering the Runner Litter - Part 1

The good thing about modern technology is how easy it is to get in touch with people. The bad thing is how easy it is for people to get in touch. So when the “ping” of a text message sounded at 10.30 pm on a Sunday evening I knew there was a problem, probably with the shelter.

NWAS Online Auction Fundraiser!

Something Super fun and brand new is in the works for North West Animal Shelter! We will be holding our first ever Online Auction! Fundraising has become a bit of a challenge for NWAS during this Pandemic, but our commitment to caring for animals in need, and finding the best furever homes, has never been more important....more

Membership Matters!

Support NWAS in our efforts to help domestic animals in the Bulkley Valley - take out a membership!

NWAS Alumni taking Training with Noel Pepin

The following lucky dogs, all NW alumni, and their dedicated owners took part in the Noel Pepin Canine tracking and obedience classes....more

Rogue Fund Donation

In May, 2020, an extremely generous donation of $50,000 was made to the Northwest Animal Shelter Society, under the Rogue Legacy fund....more

COVID-19 and the Northwest Animal Shelter

In order to protect our staff and volunteers, and continue to be able to assist animals in need in the Bulkley Valley, we are restricting our intake of animals to the most urgent cases only....more

Houston Guns & Hoses Fundraiser

A big thank you to the organizers, volunteers and those who laced up the skates for the Guns & Hoses Hockey game between the Houston RCMP and the Houston Volunteer Fire Department on Family Day....more

Guns & Hoses - Houston

Looking for a fun Family Day activity? You should head to Houston for the Guns and Hoses charity Hockey Game. This year all proceeds will be going to NWAS and we plan to have a representative at the game

Staying Sane in the Cold - by Tara

How Stevie and I are staying sane at -20.....more

Parvo Alert!

Just a reminder to those who have dogs in their lives that there are current cases of Canine Parvovirus in the Bulkley Valley....more

Thank you Outdoor Essentials!

The Banff Mountain Film Festival results are in!

NWAS Garage Sale Huge Success!

Thank you everyone! Our Annual Garage Sale was a huge success.....

Banff Mountain Film Festival

It's back - September 26 at 6:30. Come out and enjoy an evening of amazing films....

Donation in Rogue’s Memory- thank you!

Northwest Animal Shelter is the very grateful recipient of the largest single donation in our history to date....

Results are in - Iron Chef Bulkley Valley All Stars 2019!

The results are in, and the NWAS is the grateful recipient of a whopping $4,500 as our share in the Iron Chef Bulkley Valley All Stars 2019!

Thank you Wetzin’kwa Community Forest Corp!

A big shout out to the Wetzin'kwa Community Forest Corp.....

Northern Animal Groups Hold “Big Build” July 6th to Keep Dogs and Cats Out of the Cold and Heat

In the house with their family is the best shelter for dogs and cats. However, there are still dogs and cats who spend their days and nights outdoors.....more

Disaster Preparedness

The forecast is for a hot dry summer, so some essential tips....

Adventures of a NWAS Volunteer - CATS? byTara

“Yeah, but I’m not a cat person…”

Iron Chef Bulkley Valley 2019

What an amazing night at the Prestige Hudson Bay Lodge last night....

Adoption Fair April 27-19 - Total Pet

Paw Month, come and Meet the animals at Total Pet April 27

Puppy Voodoo (by NWAS volunteer Tara)

Guys.. it happened. A couple of Saturdays ago, my ice-cold, puppy-disliking heart just shattered. Ugh.I wanted this puppy so bad,.....


Meet GUS. This sweet old man showed up as a stray in Houston. The caring home owner immediately recognized that something wasn't right with poor Gus.....

Happy New Year, and thank you!

The start of a new year is also a time to reflect on the year just passed.....

Tis the Season of Giving

Thank You Total Pet!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. We just cannot say "Thank You" enough to the amazing staff and management at Total Pet in Smithers. This store voluntarily showcases cats that we have available for adoption....

Spotlight on a Foster/Volunteer

My name is Mikayla Adema, I've been a foster mom for almost 6 years. In those 6 years we've had over 25 dogs come and live with us....

Adventures of a NWAS Volunteer THE BIG FAIL

THE BIG FAIL “Okay. OkayOkayOkay. Okay.. OkayOkay.” Not sure why I’m saying this, it’s mostly for my sake. I’d hoped it might calm the excited brown blur in the pen in front of me. This small Pitbull would shoot out like bucking horse in a flurry of ecstatic wiggles when I opened the door, grimacing as her whip-like tail hit her face over and over.....(read more)

The story of Quinn

Free roaming animals and vehicles do not mix well and if ever proof is needed just talk to the Northwest Animal Shelter. In the span of a few months late last summer and fall, we took in 5 dogs and 4 cats with injuries due to motor vehicle accidents, injuries which have meant pain, suffering and major life changes for the animals and huge vet bills for the shelter....

The Power Litter

The “Power litter” were given strong names, Electra, Diesel, Hydro, Wind, Nuke, Geo and Solar as they needed all the help they could get just to survive....

Adventures of a NWAS Volunteer

An indescribable, never previously scientifically documented smell has invaded my nostrils.....

Support NWAS - Canada Helps Fundraiser to Help with Veterinary bills

Another call or email, a dog has been injured and had to be dragged off the road. Can we help? ... read more...

Porter update

Thanks NWAS supporters!

Bulkley Valley Insurance BBQ Fundraiser - Thanks so much!

Thanks to Bulkley Valley Insurance Services (BVIS) for organizing a fundraiser BBQ for the NWAS! We received a much needed $1,375 from this event.

Thank You Total Pet!

Store manager Janet and Kathy presented the NWAS with a cheque for $1,662.23, raised during their Pet Appreciation month last April!

Wetzin’kwa Community Grant

In 2013 the NWAS received a grant from the Wetzin'Kwa Community Forest Corporation to construct an Isolation/Wash Unit, where at risk animals can be segregated and animals cleaned as needed. The Community Grant Program was established to distribute profits from the operation of the Wetzin'kwa Community Forest tenure back into the community.

Royal Bank Day of Service - they aren’t kidding!

NWAS was the recipient of the Royal Bank Day of Service grant! On June 1, 9 volunteers came to the shelter to work, and did they ever! Grass was cut, slash loaded on a trailer, painting, fencing, and general cleanup. A big thank you to Tara, Raeleen, Lisa, Tina, Shawn, Ian, Adele, Don and Ada - pictured above with Tooley, NWAS dog available for adoption.

Mansi’s Story - A small dog in need

Mansi came into NW's care on Feb 4th, mat bound and scared after a number of winter months running loose in the country unable to be caught. Sadly her litermate disappeared, probably the victim of predators. Mansi spent a full month in foster care rebuilding her confidence and getting back to who she really is.

Roscoe’s Story

Roscoe came into our care with an old injury to his front leg that was not going to be an easy fix. It was suggested that extensive physiotherapy, including water therapy, might help, so we decided it would be best to get him south where there were more resources available. We, and more importantly Roscoe, had an amazing advocate agree to accept him into care.

Shelter property progress report

The NWAS had an exceptionally busy summer and fall 2012, developing the shelter property and moving our portable kennels and fencing out. Much work had to be done, from clearing trees, leveling the property, putting in the water line and hydro. The kennel buildings were moved to the property, as was the Atco trailer purchased last spring

Steti Transport donates gravel and sand to the Shelter!

A big thank you to Steffen Apperloo of Steti Transport for donating multiple loads of sand a gravel to the shelter property this fall!

Smithers Rugby Club scrums for the Animals!

The Smithers Rugby Club helped out at the shelter property clearing slash, stumps and firewood. A BIG thank you to Martin Hughes, Deric Belke, Cheryl Gilbert, Matt Mazurek and Ben Harris for volunteering! A lot was accomplished in one afternoon (would have taken us a looooong time smile

Garage Sale Wrap 2012

Thank you to everyone who helped us with the garage sale. We made well over $3000.00 again this year. A huge thanks to those who donated and dropped by the sale, and all the volunteers that helped out! Rayla helped out again, raising almost $400 for the cause with her donation bucket! She certainly deserved her rest.

NWAS buys property: Press Release

SMITHERS, B.C (June 21, 2012) - The Northwest Animal Shelter Society is one step closer to its goal of opening a permanent animal shelter in the Smithers area. They recently closed on the purchase of two parcels of land, equaling nearly 10 acres of property. The new site is within easy driving distance from Smithers, has road access, is fully serviced and has the required zoning for a shelter.

CAAT in Burns Lake 2012 Report

Rescue groups all over the province, the country and the world are inundated with homeless animals. The number of dogs and cats who are rehomed each year in BC alone is staggering. Thousands of dedicated people spend countless hours catching, feeding, vet checking, socializing, training, advertising, spaying/neutering and housing neglected animals