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*We are volunteer run, so please have patience if you don’t hear back on your applications right away*  

All animals are vet checked before adoption. This usually includes dewormer, revolution (for mites and fleas) and vaccination. Adults are all spayed and neutered before adoption. FEES: Adult cats $100.00 + PST $7.00 = $107.00, Kittens $75.00 + PST 5.25 = 80.25 (+$315.00 deposit for female and $210.00 for male kittens toward spay and neuter*) *local adoptions (Bulkley Valley).

Adoption Procedure: Complete an adoption application online or download and return to NWAS. If you are unable to scan and return the form, print it off and send the completed form via snail mail (local residents) to Box 3064, Smithers, BC V0J 2N0. Our adoptions co-ordinator will then be in touch.

As a volunteer run organization we do not maintain regular hours where you can stop by to meet the animals.  All visits to the shelter are by appointment only, after an application has been filled out.  As all animals do not get posted to the website if we have approved applicaitons on file, we encourage you to fill out an applicaiton and tell us what you are looking for.  If such an animal comes into our care, we will be in touch.

Additional Info: Once adoptions are finalized, animals are  removed from the site. We operate on full-disclosure. If there are any health or behavioral concerns, we will let you know. Adoptions are very time consuming for our volunteers. Please respect their time and only contact us if you are quite serious about adopting an animal. Please complete the adoption form and return to the NWAS.

HInts:  If you receive an error message using the online form, try another browser or download the application and email it to

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Cats/ Kittens available for adoption:


FOR ADOPTION: PUDDING is a playful and affectionate 6 month old male looking for his own special forever family. Pudding’s parents were found sealed into a tote....more

Kittens and more kittens

We have several lovely kittens available for adoption - check out these beauties!


FOR ADOPTION: TONY is a charismatic and confident 3 year old male...more


FOR ADOPTION: SHELLEY is a gorgeous 5 year old female looking for a quiet forever family. This sweet girl was originally adopted out.....more


FOR ADOPTION: THANDI is a shy but very sweet six moth only female that is looking for an easy going forever family. This sweet girl came....more


FOR ADOPTION: TAFFY is a sweet 6 month old male looking for a kindhearted forever family. Taffy came to us....more


FOR ADOPTION: SUKI is an adorable 6 month old female that loves to dish out cuddles and menacing looking. Suki came to us as a terrified teenage....more


FOR ADOPTION: OCEAN is a friendly and affectionate young adult female looking for her loving forever family. Ocean was found as a stray and never claimed....more

The “Meal” kittens - ADOPTED!

Meet the MEAL KITTENS. These babes and their super sweet momma came into our care when they were just one day old....more


FOR ADOPTION: PHILA is a fun and affectionate approximately 1 year old female looking for a loving forever family. This sweet little lady...more


FOR ADOPTION: MAGNUM is a handsome, approximately 15 month old male that is looking for his loving forever family. This big fella was found as a stray over the winter...more


FOR ADOPTION: MIDNIGHT is a mature male looking for a family that will make him feel safe and secure. This big sweetheart is the found cat ... more


FOR ADOPTION: ELSKA is a stunning 6 month old female Siamese mix from our Love Family of cats. She is a reserved, gentle.... more


Amarissa is people oriented and loves to be pet, if she could spend her entire day on your lap on the couch… that would be her dream come true...more


FOR ADOPTION: MILEENA is a sweet and gentle 6 month old female that is looking for a safe and serene forever family. Mileena came to us....more

Niwis - Adopted!

FOR ADOPTION: NIWIS is a beautiful and friendly 10 month old female looking for her special forever family. Niwis is a friendly and forward young cat ...more

The Love Kittens

The Love kittens are a little shy, but are sweet and gentle and coming around....more


FOR ADOPTION: DAVI is a very sweet 6 month old male looking for a loving forever family. Davi is a gentle and affectionate little guy that loves being pet ....more


FOR ADOPTION: JASMIN is a kind and independent little princess looking for a whole new world outside the shelter walls. She is a friendly little lady that enjoys exploring ...more


FOR ADOPTION: MERLIN is an approximately 2 year old male that is looking for a family that is just as special as he is. We do not have the full story on Merlin’s past ... more

Binky - Adopted!

FOR ADOPTION: BINKY is an approximately 3 year old male looking for an easy going family that enjoys snuggling. This beautiful boy was found as a stray in Smithers....

The Treat Kittens -

These three boys, the Treat Kittens, are looking for their forever homes. They had the privilege of growing up in a loving foster home so they are well handled, friendly and playful little fellas. Born December 8, 2023


FOR ADOPTION: SPRUCE is a 1.5 year old female semi feral cat that is look for her happily ever after as a SHOP CAT. This beautiful girl was trapped along...more


FOR ADOPTION: Sweet GRINCHY is ready to take his heart that’s grown three sizes larger and give all of his love to a very special family. Grinchy is an approximately 1 year old male....more


FOR ADOPTION: LINEAH is an adorable 6 month old female that is looking for a forever family that enjoys playing and cuddling....more


FOR ADOPTION: LANDRY is a sweet and friendly 6 month old male that is looking for his special forever family. This sweet boy... more

Barn Cats

Adopting a cat through the barn cat program can help save the life of a cat who may not have other options.However, the care of a barn cat is still a responsibility. You will be assuming care for the cat for its entire lifetime. In exchange for providing the essentials of food & water and shelter, your barn cat will earn its keep by helping to control the rodent population in your barn. Contact to see if any cats are looking for a barn home.