Spay and Neuter Assistance Program: SNAP

We implemented a Spay and Neuter Assistance Program (also referred to as the SNAP program) in October 2005.  Our program was developed through much research and contact with other animal welfare & management organizations.

The SNAP program is designed to support limited income individuals & families, as well as area rescuers.  The expenses are based on the participation of the pet owner, the veterinarian clinics and the NWAS.   The participation of  Vet to Pet Mobile Services and Bulkley River Veterinary Services are crucial in the success of this program.

More than 2,500 companion animals have now been spayed or neutered through this program, preventing hundreds, if not thousands, from being born into suffering and neglect!

The NWAS portion of expenses from the SNAP program approximate $16,000 per year.

The Animal Welfare Foundation of Ottawa recognized our program in 2006 with a grant of $1000, and the Kensington Foundation has provided annual grants between $500 to $1,000 annually.  Unfortunately, their last grant was provided in 2016, and they have since closed their doors.  Otherwise, ALL of these funds have been raised through the tireless efforts of our directors, volunteers and private donors, who are owed a huge thank you for their support for this great program.

Please consider the hard work that goes into this program and return the kindness by volunteering or spreading the word to your friends and family about responsible pet ownership and spay and neuter practices.

How to Apply

1. Pick up an application at:

  • Vet to Pet Mobile Services,1283 Main Street, #102 - Smithers Plaza, Box 2301, Smithers BC V0J 2N0 Phone: 778-210-1883
  • Bulkley River Veterinary Services, 2005 Nadina Ave, Houston BC V0J 1Z0  Phone: 778-642-3456

If you have a printer, Click here to download a SNAP application.

2. Take the application to Vet to Pet (Smithers or Hazelton location). or Bulkley River Veterinary Services in Houston. Be sure to fill out ALL of the required information.

3. Someone from the NWAS will contact you by phone to let you know the status of your application. All applications are subject to our approval. Note: Just because you fill in an application does not mean that you will qualify.

4. If you are approved, arrangements/appointments need to be booked with the vet of your choice. Be sure to follow their instructions pre-surgery.

5. If we took the time to approve you, please take the time to complete the process and actually TAKE your animal to the vet to be fixed.

6. On the day of surgery, you need to be prepared to pay the cost outlined below.  The veterinarian has has reduced their fee, and the NWAS also pays a portion of the fee.  There is NO flat fee of $50.00 or any other amount. The total amount depends on factors such as dog or cat, the sex and weight of the animal and if there are any other health considerations as determined by the vet etc.

7. Congratulations! You are now the owner of a cat or dog that will not reproduce and bring other unwanted animals into the world. Thank you.


Who Qualifies?

SNAP Eligibility is based on low-income levels established by Statistics Canada or BC Housing, and takes into account household income and number of dependants.  Proof of income assistance such as EI, disability pension, old age pension, a student, or otherwise low income will help us qualify you quicker. General income guidelines are listed below.  Please do not be discouraged if you don’t quite meet the requirements.  Submit an application anyway!  We may still be able to help. Applications must be approved by 2 NWAS board members so the applications need to be dropped off in advance of the animal coming in for altering.  The applications must be brought to the vets prior to booking appt or bringing in animal.  Please allow 7 days for application to be processed and assessed.

Income Levels for SNAP (ADJUSTED NUMBERS FOR 2020)


Household Size    Annual     Monthly

1 person              $25,200     $2,100

2 people              $31,200     $2,600

3 people              $37,200     $3,100

4 people              $43,200     $3,600

5 people              $49,200     $4,100


for each additional family member add:       $6000          $500




Cat Spay – FEMALE: $80 - an additional fee of $30 will apply at the descretion of the attending veterinarian if the cat is pregnant

Cat Neuter – MALE: $80.00

Dog Spay ****

Under 50lbs - $200

50lbs to 59lbs - $300

60lbs to 79lbs - $350

Over 80lbs - $450

 **** An additional fee of $99 will apply if the dog is pregnant, at the discretion of the attending veterinarian ****

Dog Neuter

Under 50lbs - $150

50lbs to 59lbs - $200

60lbs to 79lbs - $250

Over 80lbs - $350

All prices plus tax.  Addtional fees for pregnant animals (as noted above) to be paid by the pet guardian.

Other additional fees may apply if complications are noted during the pre-surgical exam or surgery, for example, cryptorchidism, infection, etc.  The decision to charge the additional fee will be left to the discretion of the attending veterinarian.  The additional fee will be paid by the pet owner.

The animal must be spayed/neutered within 4 months of the approval of the SNAP applicaiton.

The attending veterinarian reserves the right not to perform the surgery.