Thank You Total Pet!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. We just cannot say "Thank You" enough to the amazing staff and management at Total Pet in Smithers. This store voluntarily showcases cats that we have available for adoption. While the cats are in store they live in crates that have been donated by Total Pet, eat food that has been donated by Total Pet and use litter that has been donated by Total Pet. They are also fed, cleaned and generally cared for by staff that are being paid by Total Pet. Having cats in at Total Pet has drastically increased our feline adoption numbers (exact numbers will be available after our AGM on the 28th) and we really honestly couldn't be more thankful. We would like for the public to understand that Total Pet makes zero profit from these cat adoptions and that everything they do for these cats is simply because they want to help them find homes. We are hoping everyone can understand that we fully respect the fact that Total Pet business will always come before the NWAS cats that are in store. Sometimes they spill their food, water or litter and staff need to help customers before they clean it up. Politely informing the staff that there is a mess would be appreciated but drastic complaining is unnecessary. Sometimes the cats need to hang out in the back of the store and people are unable to see them. This happens when the crates are getting a through cleaning or during very busy times when staff cannot monitor how people interact with the animals. This is done in the best interest of the animals. We all understand that is can be frustrating if you come into the store hoping to visit cats and cannot. We simply ask that you politely ask when the cats will be back out front rather than yelling at staff. Lastly, NWAS has asked Total Pet to not open the doors on the cat kennels during busy times as we worry about a cat getting down and escaping. If you're frustrated by this please send us a message or email ( rather than taking your frustration out on the staff that are simply respecting our wishes. We are all huge animal lovers here, hopefully we can also be people lovers and we can treat each other with respect during all interactions. Having cats on showcase at Total Pet drastically decreases the amount of time it takes them to find fabulous homes and we would hate to loose this opportunity for our feline friends.