Spotlight on a Foster/Volunteer

My name is Mikayla Adema, I've been a foster mom for almost 6 years. In those 6 years we've had over 25 dogs come and live with us, some stay for a weekend and some stay for a month and sometimes longer. Each one has left a bit more love in my heart. People tell me "I could never foster, I'd never be able to give them up" which is 100% true, I've fallen in love with every dog that has come through our house. But I've also fallen in love with their story of finding their forever home. And being a part of that story fills me with happy tears every time I think about it. Why do I foster? Because when I give my final hug, kiss and pets to one dog, I can open my heart and arms to another; a lost or scared soul who gets another chance to find their forever home.  ❤️