Parvo Alert!

Just a reminder to those who have dogs in their lives that there are current cases of Canine Parvovirus in the Bulkley Valley.
Parvo is a viral infection passed mainly through the feces of infected dogs. Some of the symptoms of Parvo are lethargy, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and a refusal to eat.
It can be fatal, especially in puppies, very old dogs, and dogs with already compromised health. A dog has the best chance of survival under the care of a veterinarian.
Parvo is highly contagious between dogs, and even dogs that are not showing symptoms can be carriers. The virus itself can survive for a long time, even in trace amounts and extreme conditions, which makes it especially difficult to contain. The best prevention is to have all dogs, especially those at risk, up to date on their vaccinations.
Avoiding high traffic dog areas, and promptly scooping poop are also recommended.

The following links provide information on the Canine Parvovirus:…/in…/c_dg_canine_parvovirus_infection…/canine-parvovirus.aspx