NWAS Alumni taking Training with Noel Pepin

The following lucky dogs, all NW alumni, and their dedicated owners took part in the Noel Pepin Canine tracking and obedience classes, https://www.noelpepincanine.ca, held May 22- 25, 2020, at the beautiful Twelve Lilacs B+B in Evelyn https://www.facebook.com/twelvelilacsbnb.

Two of our NW alumni dogs and their handlers participated in Noel's Advanced Tracking classes; five in Level 1 Obedience; two in Level 2 Obedience; and some owners also took advantage of private sessions to have their dogs, and their own handling of them, assessed.

We thank Cheryl McRae of Dog Digs www.dogdigs.ca for all her work in organizing and facilitating Noel and his team in bringing advanced training to the Bulkley Valley. We also look forwards to the possibility of further training September 11-14, 2020.

Mikayla and Harvey:

We adopted Harvey (formerly Harley) in April of 2018. She was 5 months old and has always been an amazing dog right from puppyhood. Learning quickly that baby toys are not dog toys, but that if she picked one up and dropped it at my feet she would get a treat. So this continued for quite some time! However she never chewed them, and eventually stopped doing this after a couple weeks.  smile
After fostering her for a week we realized we couldnt let her go, our one and only 'foster fail'.( Also finding out she shares a birthday with one of our daughters helped in our decision) She is so smart and fit so well into our family that it was just meant to be. If feels like shes always been there!

Grace and Koko:

Level One Obedience

Jean and Cole:

Tracking with Cole is such a lovely way to be a team while allowing him the opportunity to lead.
Watching him do what nature has equipped him so well for, is a joy.
Size or breed doesn't matter, dogs can learn to track and love it.
I'm grateful the Northwest Animal Shelter was there to take Cole in and that I'm the lucky one to have him.
He's very easy to live with; travels internationally with us on extended road trips; is always up for an adventure; is accepting of foster animals brought into our home; and I find him a real asset when assessing incoming shelter dogs. To have Cole in our lives is a gift.

Leanne and Chui:

Chui came to us as a foster from NWAS with a medical issue that left him blind in one eye but this little character slid right into our hearts like he was sliding into home plate.
He is a world class optimist.
Since last summer Chui has discovered he’s great at flying with us, camping, hiking and has enjoyed many road trips.
The tremendous support, guidance and training of Chui and especially his humans by Cheryl McCrae of Dog Digs and her encouragement to join Noel Pepin’s Canine Behaviour training classes have allowed us to clearly see Chui’s love for learning and his willingness to trust our leadership.
We are also very grateful that NWAS was there to give Chui the help and care he needed to move into his new life with us. Our little lion is a true gem.

Laura and Calvin:

I adopted Calvin almost a year ago from NWAS and he melts my heart every day. He is so attentive and full of life. I am impressed by how well the adoption process is thought out for both pet and human. The volunteers do an amazing job with tireless dedication and commitment. I tell everyone Calvin is a shelter pup, hoping more people will adopt.
I took level 1 obedience and a private lesson with Calvin because I was nervous about socializing him with other dogs. I needed the training more than Calvin! Noel helped me overcome this fear in less than 15 minutes and we learned so much more. The class is so versatile that I think everyone would benefit from taking it.

Cheryl and Kiro:

Kiro, aka “Mr. Charmer”, is my heart dog. I took great time (a year), and care to choose the right dog for my lifestyle. I found my dream dog at NWAS. He was born in abandoned pick up truck, and without the volunteers at NWAS and their caring hearts and hands, he would have faced an uncertain, and perhaps short future. The world is a better place with Kiro in it. He has inspired me to delve further into dog sports, and in countless other ways. I hold this dog in such high regard. He is my best friend. Thank you NWAS, and thank God for you! You have saved so many...

Cheryl of Dog Digs www.dogdigs.ca

Molly and I first crossed paths seven years ago. She was a shut down little dog, who lived in terror. Thankfully NWAS was there when this wonderful girl most needed a soft place to land. What started as a foster, turned into a long term love affair. She is a much treasured member of my family, and will be for the rest of her days. �� Thank you NWAS for this gift that just keeps on giving!