Fundraising for Bella and her buddies

Over the past few months, the NWAS has been inundated with severally injured animals.  Check out Bella, Tank and Chansey's story below.  We have set up a Canada's Help campaign to help with the medical costs

A generous donor is matching donations up to $2500, so each dollar donated will be doubled!

Bella is an incredibly sweet young female dog that came into the care of NWAS after being hit by a vehicle. Her femur was badly broken, and her previous family could not afford to get her leg fixed so it was allowed to fuse as it was. Due to the length of time that had passed since the break occurred, we are now unable to cast or set the leg. Bella’s best option for being comfortable going forward is to have it amputated.

Tank is currently receiving veterinary treatment for a broken leg.  
Chansey is a beautiful young cat that recently came into care injured, requiring a tail amputation. 

It takes a community to help animals like Bella - caring and knowledgeable veterinarians, the NWAS to provide a second chance at a healthy life as a cherished family member, and your donations.  We are a small volunteer run charity that relies on donations to help animals in need.