Disaster Preparedness

Thanks to our friends at Lakes Animal Friendship Society for sponsoring a work shop presentation by Red Rover "Bringing Animals and Families from Crisis to Care".  With a forecast for a hot dry summer in our area, it doesn't hurt to be prepared in the event of a crisis, to keep our fur-family safe.  The attached pamphlet highlights 5 preparedness essentials, as well as a disaster kit checklist.

5 Preparedness Essentials:

1. Identify evacuation locations - find places that can accommodate pets if you need to evacuate, keep names and addresses in your disaster kit

2.  Microchip your pets - make sure the information is current.  Have a tag on your pets collar with your cell phone number

3.  Start a buddy system - exchange keys with someone who can evacuate your animals in case you are not home when emergency strikes

4. Assemble a disaster kit for each animal

5. Take photos of you with your pet(s) - to prove ownership, keep in your disaster kit and in your wallet


Disaster Kit Essentials

Food - one week supply in airtight waterproof containers

Water - one week supply 

First Aid/medication - basic first aid kit, and presecription medication for your pets

Animal Care supplies - Collar, leash, crate, food and water containers

Cleaning supplies - paper towel, soap, cat litter with tray, plastic bags