Burgers for Bella - Saturday June 22nd at Total Pet

We will be having a BBQ fundraiser at Total Pet this coming Saturday (the 22nd) from 11-2.
Bella is a super sweet, 38lb mix breed that was hit by a vehicle over the winter. She badly broke her femur and her previous family could not afford to get her leg fixed so it was allowed to fuse as it was. Due to the time it has been since the break occurred we are unable to cast or set the leg and Bella’s best option for being comfortable going forward is to have it amputated. This surgery is coming at a cost of approximately $2000. She will be on site at Total Pet from 10-2 (most likely taking a few breaks to regroup) to give out cuddles and licks as a thank you for supporting this fundraiser to make her surgery possible.
Rumour has it that our adorable litter of puppies may also be on sight to cuddle and woo.
*This will not be a good environment for dogs to meet each other in, if you’re interested in adoption please leave you pooch at home and we can set a time for a proper meet and greet at a later date*