A Hidden Treasure - Shelter dog Gaily

When people are looking for a dog at the shelter they tend to be looking for puppies or young, healthy dogs. But there are many hidden treasures for those lucky enough to find them. Gaily is one of those treasures. She weighs 9 lbs and runs on 3 legs but at 7 years old she entered her first dog show in Rally Obedience .
She easily earned her first title, RN, Rally Novice. Then Covid came along and everything shut down. Now 9 years old she went to her second show this week and earned two legs towards her Advanced title with two perfect scores. The scared little teenager has come a long way and brought a lot of joy into the lives of those who know her. So if you're considering adopting a shelter animal be on the lookout for treasures [��]
Thank you to all the people at North West Animal Shelter who volunteer their time and energy to helping animals in need. - By Lorna