Shayla - Adoption pending

FOR ADOPTION: SHAYLA is a spunky, active 8 month old, 50lb female looking for a family to grow and thrive with. Shayla came to us after her previous owners realized they could not give her the lifestyle she deserved. She was spending the vast majority of her time tied on the deck away from her family and missing out on the affection and mental/physical stimulation she craved. Shayla is a loving and friendly dog that is SO EXCITED to meet everyone. She is learning to plant her feet instead of leap with excitement when she wants a pet and to politely wait to let the humans to go through the doors first. Shayla is a highly intelligent and driven dog that is going to thrive with someone that enjoys training and can provide her with consistency. She is a higher energy dog that will easily keep up as a jogging, skiing, cycling etc with some brain games and mental stimulation thrown into the mix. Shayla would love to have some kids to play with but does still need more reliability in not jumping up before she would be suitable for a home with small children. She loves other dogs and enjoys playing. Shayla likes to wrestle and play with enthusiasm. She would be thrilled to have another playful young dog in her life. Shayla is quite intimidated by cats, she wants to learn more about them but does get defensive if she is hissed at. As of now Shayla would do best in a cat free home but she can and will learn to coexist with a calm and friendly cat if she’s allowed the time for a slow introductions. She has been clean in her kennel only likes to rip up her toys. Shayla is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a fun young dog to keep up with your active lifestyle apply today for a chance to meet SHAYLA