Mike and Micky (The Monkees)

FOR ADOPTION: MIKE and MICKY are the last of our MONKEES litter of pups still looking for their special forever families. These guys are now 18 weeks old and so ready to get out of the shelter and into a family! Mike and Micky are expected to mature in the 50-60lb range. They are gentle, calm and friendly boys that are eager to please and very easy to train. Mike and Micky have learned “sit”, “focus” and to walk well on a leash very quickly. They are now working on waiting when going through doorways and gates and ”down”. These guys are mostly house trained and will not take long to finish the process once they are in a home and not alone at the shelter between shifts. They are going to be excellent medium energy dogs when they are mature. They will be able to keep up on all your outdoor adventures but they will not require strenuous exercise each day to keep them happy. These are social, friendly pups that do very well with children and new dogs. They have had limited exposure with cats but it has all been positive so far. They are showing zero signs of prey drive or anxiety and are in the middle of the dominance scale so not overly dominant or submissive. Mike and Micky are up to date on vaccinations and parasite control and their adoption fee includes their neuter surgery. You couldn’t ask for an easier puppy! Apply today if you’re looking for an easy new addition to your household.