FOR ADOPTION: ALLY is a sweet 10 year old, 60lb female Boxer mix that is looking for a loving family to cuddle away her golden years with. Ally came to NWAS after her
Previous owner passed away and none of the extended family was able to take her in. She spent the majority of her life as a yard dog but, now that she has experienced the life of cushy beds and snuggling, she’s not willing to go back to that!   Ally is so sweet and affectionate with people of all ages and was an absolute rock star at our recent adoption event. She would very easily be a great family dog, all we ask is the children are respectful of their pets as she does not deserve to be poked, prodded or climbed on. Ally is looking for a home as an only pet where she can be the centre of your world and get all the snuggles. She does have a high chase/prey drive towards small animals such as cats, squirrels, and likely chickens. Ally does enjoy walking with other dogs of all sizes and will not cause problems when out on adventures but at the end of the day her true love is people and her wish is to have a family all her own. Ally has a lower medium energy level. She loves going for walks, car rides, hikes and probably cross country skiing if it’s not too cold but she also loves snuggling up on her soft bed and taking a nap… and we can’t forget cuddling, that’s her favourite. Ally does have some food or environmental sensitivities and was full of sores and very itchy when she first came to us. We’ve found that a cytopoint injection was the easiest way to keep Ally comfortable and happy. We can tell interested families the approximate cost of the cytopoint but we cannot yet say how often she will need it. For some dogs it’s every month or so and for others it can be every 6-12 months depending on the weather and environment. At the end of the day it is well worth it to see Ally so happy and healthy. If you’ve been looking for a loving, loyal and relaxed new dog apply today for a chance to meet ALLY