FOR ADOPTION: VIRGINIA is a 7 month old female that is looking for a calm forever family. This sweet, petite girl was initially the shyest of her litter. She would often hide at the back of her kennel allowing her bolder and more confident siblings to soak up the attention while she avoided human contact. As her siblings found new homes Virginia found herself with no one to hide behind and she learned that getting pet actually felt pretty good. From there she started seeking out pets while she was in her comfort zones and wanting to explore and play with the other cats at the shelter. Virginia now loves pets and belly rubs when she’s feeling secure. She is still quite intimidated by loud and rowdy children and would prefer to find a mature household . Virginia enjoys the company of other cats but does take a little while to warm up to new buddies. With slow introductions she’s a playful and affectionate companion to her feline friends. Virginia is comfortable around calm dogs and could easily live with an easy going canine. She is looking for an indoor only home where she can feel safe and secure in her routine and surroundings. Virginia is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a sweet young cat for your quiet home apply today for a chance to meet VIRGINIA.