The Love Kittens

This litter is known as the Love Kittens as they all have names that mean love. They came to us with their mother, grandmother, aunts and uncle on Valentines Day! Our love kittens are approx 4.5 months old, and a little shy but they are gentle, sweet and learning to trust us. They are good with other cats and comfortable with calm dogs. For a chance to meet the Love kittens, fill out an application. All kittens need to have their spay or neuter booked before they head home.

Thandi - female (grey and white). She is the shyest but incredibly sweet. Food is the way to her heart

Taffy - male Tabby. He is the boldest of his litter. Sweet, loves pets and playful

Suki - female long hair She warms up quickly with food, she enjoys full body pets and is quite playful