FOR ADOPTION: TAFFY is a sweet 6 month old male looking for a kindhearted forever family. Taffy came to us, along with his large family group, with minimal handling and quite nervous of humans. Food was the way to Taffy’s heart. He started off tentatively licking wet food off a spoon and now he rushes to his bowel for back rubs and snacks whenever he sees us. Taffy has learned to throughly enjoy full body massages but he is not a fan of being picked up or held. He’s the type of cat that would sit beside you on the couch but only if he puts himself there. Taffy is looking for a family aged 13+ as small and loud children still make him quite nervous. He is excellent with other cats of all ages and quite comfortable around friendly dogs. Taffy is best suited to an indoor only, the outside world is pretty overwhelming for him. Taffy is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for an adorable new friend apply today for a chance to meet TAFFY.