FOR ADOPTION: SPRUCE is a 1.5 year old female semi feral cat that is look for her happily ever after as a SHOP CAT. This beautiful girl was trapped along with her two siblings and two adult female cats near the New to You in Smithers in November of 2022 when she was approximately 4 months old. Her two siblings tamed down quickly and found homes as loved family pets. The two females proved to be truly feral and found a home together as barn type cats once they were spayed. Spruce has always rode the middle line between tame and feral. She heavily relies on humans for her food and safety and will comfortably share space with humans. She is comfortable enough for play and lounging while we are in the same room as her but she detests the idea of being pet or held. We are able to handle Spruce for routine vet care and transport but she hates every minute of it. After 15 months of dedicated taming efforts including calming supplements and medications and time in a Foster home, we’ve become resigned to the fact that we need to give Spruce what she is so clearly asking for. Spruce is looking for a living situation where she will be indoor only but able to exist without much human contact. She is phenomenal with other cats and comfortable with calm respectful dogs. Spruce’s dream life would be as head of rodent control in a warehouse or industrial shop with a few other cats to work and play with. Alternatively if you don’t care too much about cuddling or petting your cat Spruce could be a good companion in a home. Because Spruce has been with us since such a young age, she has no life skills in regards to predators or traffics. Placing her in a barn type situation where she would undoubtedly flee to the outdoors when she was first set free would be a death sentence for her. She is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for an independent feline to keep your rodent population under control, apply today for a chance to meet SPRUCE.