FOR ADOPTION: ORZO is a stunning 6 month old female looking for her loving forever family. This petite girl was abandoned in Smithers with her mother and siblings when she was approximately 8 weeks old. The little family was lucky that we had room to take them in. They got all their vetting up to date and momma Sheba and some of the kittens quickly found forever homes. Given that Orzo is solid black and a slightly more reserved than her siblings, we were not surprised that she was overlooked for adoption while people were coming to meet kittens. Now that Orzo is 6 months old she has been spayed and is so ready to find her special family. She is still a reserved cat. She won’t be chasing you down to get pets or constantly hounding you for attention but once Orzo knows you she will happily soak up all your pets and cuddles when you have time to give them. Orzo finds loud children a little overwhelming and would prefer a quiet/mature household. She is excellent with other cats of all ages and open to the idea of living with a calm and respectful dog. Orzo is very happy indoor only but could learn to enjoy a catio if her family were to have one. She is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a new housemate that won’t harass you for attention, apply today for a chance to meet ORZO.