FOR ADOPTION: MILEENA is a sweet and gentle 6 month old female that is looking for a safe and serene forever family. Mileena came to us along with her mother, siblings and nieces/nephew. She’s quite used to being around a lot of other cats and gets along with them very well. Mileena is also quite comfortable with calm and friendly dogs. Mileena is a quite cat that tends to wait on her bed for us to bring attention to her vs demanding affection from us. When getting pets Mileena is sweet and responsive, once she is away from her more forward siblings she may open up and start seeking out affection. Currently Mileena is nervous of small, loud children and would do best in a preteen plus aged home. She is very comfortable indoor only and at this point would do best continuing in that lifestyle. We are not sure if she was born with her adorable bobbed tail or if she acquired it from an injury but it causes her no pain and adds to her charm. Mileena is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a very sweet new friend apply today for a chance to meet MILEENA.