FOR ADOPTION: MERLIN is an approximately 2 year old male that is looking for a family that is just as special as he is. We do not have the full story on Merlin’s past but we know it must have been volatile. He came to us when the kind woman who had been feeding him and earned his trust had to move quickly. She knew there would be no one to continue feeding him so she contacted us and luckily we had room. Merlin was initially so scared that he was frozen. As he thawed Merlin’s fear took the form of aggression and he started attacking us when we tried to feed him and clean his litter. When Metin was neutered we were able to move him into our dedicated feral kennel that allowed him to have a safety space and allowed us to care for him without being attacked. One of our amazing vets let us know about a supplement that helped her cat with anxiety and we decided to give it a try with Merlin. The change in Merlin was almost immediate. He went from attack mode to trying to play with us to eventually initiating pets and now he is a cuddle monster . Now that Merlin has been able to relax he has shown us his true and amazing colours. Merlin loves snuggles and if we could carry him all day, he would be in his happy place. Merlin is fantastic with other cats of all ages and genders. Merlin is still slightly unpredictable when startled so we would prefer he goes to a school aged plus home at this time. He does best with people that are able to be consistent in the way that they handle him. Merlin is quite reactive towards dogs and will need a dog free home. He is very happy indoor only, he would do well continuing in that lifestyle. Merlin is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. He has come so far, the final step in Merlin’s journey is finding his forever family. If you’ve been looking for the up and coming world champion snuggler apply today for a chance to meet MERLIN