Gabe - Adopted!

FOR ADOPTION: GABE is a petite male that is estimated at just over a year old. This quiet little guy has quite the story to tell. He was hit by a car in November and rushed into Babine Animal Hospital by the kind gentleman that accidentally struck him. NWAS agreed to take Gabe on and he quickly assessed and treated. Gabe had major head trauma with his worst ailment being misaligned jaw. He was put on strong pain killers and a special diet and moved into a caring foster home. It was quickly obviously that Gabe had been feral before he was hit by the car but his injuries had him needing to rely on humans. He learned to trust his foster mom and then to deeply enjoy a good chin rub. As if the head trauma was not enough for this poor young fellow to be dealing with, Gabe developed Idopathic Hypercalcimia. Basically his body was leaching the calcium from his bones. This can occur after major trauma. Luckily for Gabe it is relatively easily treated. He was put on a high fibre, low protein diet and we closely monitored his blood levels until he stabilized. From there we weaned him off of his special diet to the point where he is eating the same as all the other cats at the shelter, while still monitoring his blood levels. We are thrilled to say that he has now received the all clear for adoption. His Idopathic Hypercalcimia has cleared up and is not a risk to reoccur. Gabe is now a healthy, quirky teenager ready to find love. Gabe is still shy with new people and hates to be held but he absolutely adores face and chin rubs, getting brushed and (when he really trusts you) playing with brooms and bell balls. He is best suited to a mature home that will understand his quirks and not be offended when he wants alone time or does not enjoy being held. He is very good with other cats but is on the submissive side. We would like to see him paired with a kind, easy going cat as a more dominant cat could really bully him. Gabe is nervous around dogs but open to the idea of making friends with calm and friendly canines. He is looking for an indoor only home. Gabe has proven to not be savvy around vehicles and his shyness would cause him to hide and potentially not be found if he does go outside. Gabe is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a sweet, quirky companion with a fighters spirit apply today for a chance to meet GABE