FOR ADOPTION: CHEESE is an 8 month old male. He and his sister were dropped on a remote cattle range outside of Smithers and are extremely lucky that local residents went out of their way to trap them and bring them inside to start the taming process. Initially Cheese was very shy and relied on his sister for security. We are happy to say that a cheese has relaxed into his environment and is now an independent fella. He happily plays with all the other cats and approaches our main caretakers and volunteers for pets and affection. He no longer needs his sister as a security blanket. Cheese is still initially a quite, timid but incredibly sweet young guy. As he gets to know you his playful and cuddly side comes out. He loves head rubs and playing with pretty much all toys. Cheese is very good with other cats and has comfortably lived in foster care with large respectful dogs. He has also lived in foster care with a toddler, he was not aggressive towards her at all but he chose to hide out in his own space. Although a Cheese may gravitate towards the adults in the home he has no I’ll intent towards children. He is best suited to an indoor only home. Cheese is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a sweet and gentle boy apply today for a chance to meet CHEESE.