FOR ADOPTION: AMARISSA is the approximately 2 year old matriarch of a recent family/colony that we took in. She arrived to us with 5 offspring from two different litters and three kittens belonging to her eldest daughter. Amarissa has spent the majority of her life on guard and watching over her brood. She was initially apprehensive of our volunteers, growling to make herself seem like a cat you didn’t want to mess with. Fortunately she quickly dropped that rouse once she realized we meant her no harm and her friendly, affectionate personality has been able to shine. Amarissa is people oriented and loves to be pet, if she could spend her entire day on your lap on the couch… that would be her dream come true. She deserves the downtime that comes with couch snuggles because she works herself
to the bone making biscuits. From the time we arrive to the time we go home Amarissa can be found purring away making biscuits on her blankets just hoping for a neck rub. Amarissa has put in a lot of time surrounded by other cats. She is quite capable of peacefully sharing space with them but she would be just as happy as an only cat soaking up all her family’s love. Amarissa is neutral towards dogs and could easily share a home with a calm and respectful pooch. She has been quite happy indoor only at the shelter but was indoor/outdoor in her past home and may enjoy soaking up some sunshine on a back porch come summer. Amarissa is spayed (and so excited to never have to raise another litter of kittens), vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a biscuit making, head rub loving new queen for your castle apply today for a chance to meet AMARISSA