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Babine Pet Hospital



HomeFinders Animal Rescue
CSRBC Cocker Spaniel Rescue

West Coast Rottweiler Rescue

TnT Sharpei Rescue
Kitimat Community Humane Society

Turtle Gardens Animal Rehabilitation Society
Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter

Prince Rupert Wildlife Rehab Shelter
City of Terrace Animal Shelter

Thornhill Animal Shelter, Terrace BC

BC SPCA Prince Rupert, BC

The BC SPCA Prince George Spay Neuter Clinic


Canada Strays dot com

Canada's Guide to Dogs



Canine's North:  Dog training, agility (Smithers)

Oprah's Dog Trainer's website

What makes your cat tick?


Lots of dog training links here!

Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada


How old is your dog?

MEX-CAN Pet Partners

How to Make Homemade Dog Food

Things YOU Can Do For Dog Rescue

How could you?

Are you silent about the things that matter?

Finding A New Home For A Companion Animal

Why does my dog howl?

Even old dogs can learn to be obedient if the environment is a good one
Disaster planning for pets

10 tips for being a responsible pet owner
Say Good-bye to the Backyard Dog!
Tips for training a new puppy; suggested alpha help roles

Look here to find answers to commonly asked questions about pet care

Obedience Training Your Dog or Puppy: How and Why

The Role of Pets in Human Disease

Dog Breeds

Holiday Treats and Trimmings Can Be Deadly to Curious Pets

Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

Litter Bugged
Dogs and Trucks

Frostbite and Hypothermia in Cats and Dogs

Why "Free To Good Home" Ads Are A Bad Idea!

Worms are often a part of cat and kitten life
Techniques to reduce undesirable cat behaviour.

What Jeff Killed:  Follow the big orange cat on his hunting adventures.

Friends of Orange Cats
How much do dogs and cats really cost?

Awesome training and behaviour tips

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