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NWAS Board of Directors:

President & Treasurer:  Sara Tomlinson, Vice-President:  Jean O'Sullivan, Secretary:  Ashleigh Ballevona

What is the North West Animal Shelter Society? We are a registered charity run by an elected Board of Directors. Our mandate is to operate an animal shelter to serve the Bulkley Valley. Also to advocate, rescue and rehome as many unwanted animals as we are able and to provide programs to the community regarding animal welfare education. For example, our successful SNAP (spay and neuter assistance program) began when we realized that the costs of spaying and neutering were prohibiting many people from getting the procedures for their cats and dogs. This program really is a win-win. It ultimately helps the animal (from reproducing), the owner (from financial burden and unwanted kittens and puppies to deal with) and the community (from the social issues and costs surrounding rampant overpopulation). In answer to an often asked question, we are not affiliated with Turtle Gardens.

What areas do you serve? Currently we are concentrated in the Smithers area but we do provide services from Houston to Kitwanga and help people who choose to rescue on their own with spay and neuter assistance and postings on our website.

Where is your shelter? In May of 2012 we purchased property, and have moved our kennel buildings out there.  As we are still developing the property and have limited capacity, we are still reliant on foster homes for our rescue activities.  If you are interested in fostering, or otherwise need to contact us, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We rely on community donations to help operate our programs, pay for the shelter property, and continue to develop the site.  Big projects that will be undertaken in 2015 and will be the installation of a septic system for the shelter and office buildings.

What do you actually do for animals?

We work with the Town of Smithers to rehome their unclaimed impounded dogs.

We foster and adopt rescue dogs and cats both locally and throughout BC and Alberta. We have sent dogs to new homes as far away as Philidelphia and Juno.

We fund raise to make sure our programs are funded and money is put aside in savings for our building.

We provide outreach to the community by visiting schools and providing education about animal welfare.

We offer spay and neutering assistance program to those who would otherwise not be able to afford the full cost.

We have formed relationships with nine outside rescue groups who post available animals on their web sites, and/or take them into their programs, or connect us directly to adoptive families.

We work closely with Hawkair who offer a wonderful service and reduced costs to fly our rescue animals south to Vancouver.

We assist to screen potential adopters. We assist with photos, transportation to the airport and to veterinary appointments.

We help to assess, exercise, train, and bathe rescued dogs.

If I donate, where does my money actually go? Can I request that it be used for a specific purpose? Every little bit helps. Did you know that most of the funds raised through our donation boxes around town are used to operate our spay and neuter assistance program? That's thousands of dollars a year that we are able to funnel into this very important program - because a few pennies add up over time.+

You can also request that your donations go to a specific purpose; SHELTER BUILDING FUND, SNAP PROGRAM, RESCUE (rescue funds help us cover the costs of revolution, deworming and vaccinations).

General donations that are not specified will be used where we determine they are most needed.

We offer tax receipts for all donations as requested.

We welcome anyone who can assist us with moving this project forward. First and foremost we need people with a love for animals and dedication to community. If you have experience in construction, estimating, law, volunteer management, lobbying, event management or previous animal welfare experience great! We need more expertise in those areas.

If you can help out in some small way, please e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We are sorry but we do not have a dedicated phone number at this time.

If you would like to make a donation to assist us with our goals, it can be made at any

Bulkley Valley Credit Union, deposited directly into the account of the

North West Animal Shelter Society.

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