FOR ADOPTION: ZORRO is a 7-9 year old male Wolf Hybrid looking for a very special family to call his own. This boy just under 100lbs and built tall and lean, he is BIG, there is no way around that. When it comes to people Zorro is a gentle giant. He is very cuddly and affectionate, great with kids and food motivated and fun to train. Zorro has a relatively low energy level. He loves to go for walks and could do small hikes or mosey along while the kids ride their bikes but he does not have the stamina for long hikes and isn’t much of a runner. When it is just the family and Zorro hanging out he is super easy to have around and just an absolute joy of a personality. Zorro becomes harder to manage while out and about. He has a strong prey drive and should never be unattended around cats, rabbits, chickens or livestock but he is fairly easy to control when he is on leash and something of this sort crosses his path. We’ve also been told that Zorro can be aggressive towards other dogs. We’ve not seen this behaviour from him but have taken extreme precautions to ensure he is safe in any situation where he could encounter dogs. Zorro is very happily muzzle trained, he gets excited when we pull out his muzzle as he knows he will be getting treats and to go on an adventure. We’ve also taken the time to thoroughly test him in many situations with other dogs including walking through downtown, coming across strange leashed dogs and successful introductions with other calm dogs. Zorro has passed all of his tests with flying colours and we feel that as long as his new owner is committed to having him muzzled while walking in public areas and while meeting other dogs he will be very safe to be out and about with his family. We are insistent on the muzzle for partially for The safety of other animals but mostly for Zorro’s own safety. Being a wolf hybrid, he stands to be harshly judged by many people and will almost always be placed at blame if an altercation arose with another dog weather he was actually the instigator or not. We will be looking for a rural home with no other furry pets for Zorro as we feel this is the setting where he will have the happiest life with the most freedom. Zorro could be very happy having a few good walking buddies but he has a big enough personality to be your one and only in the home. He will need lots of time and bonding before he should be allowed off leash (but supervised) outside of a fenced area but we do feel that Zorro’s externally loyal and people oriented nature make him a good candidate to eventually be allowed supervised leash free time at home. He is a non destructive boy that has been completely clean in our kennel. He has primarily been an outdoor dog for the last few years but he has made it very clear that he would much rather be inside with his family when they are indoors. Zorro travels beautifully in the vehicle and has excellent leash manners. He is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you have been looking for a big buddy to fill your life with love apply today for a chance to meet ZORRO