FOR ADOPTION: WINSTON is a smart and energetic 11 month old male Bernese Mountain Dog/Australian Shepherd. At just under 70lbs this tall fella is going to be a fun companion for an active and dog savvy family. Winston has energy for days and will easily keep up running, biking (he is learning to run beside the bike with one of our volunteers), or skiing. Winston is also smart as a whip. Not only does he require daily mental stimulation to keep him happy and well behaved but he truly enjoys training and working with his people. He could be a great dog to compete in Rally Obedience or Agility and could do frisbee or dock diving after some more toy drive is built up. Winston has a solid sit and stay and walks well on the leash. He is working on “down” and “leave it”. When he is not “working” Winston does still need reminders to not jump up. Winston does best with a calm, confident person. He is submissive by nature and does become anxious if he feels he needs to step into a dominant role. He is excited when he sees new dogs and needs work on calmly meeting them but he is submissive when playing and takes correction well from other dogs and people. Winston has done well in his cat testing here at the shelter. He does not fixate on them at all and is slightly nervous around them. Once he is comfortable with a cat we could see him trying to play. Winston is not aggressive or reactive towards kids but we think he will be best suited to a 10 plus aged home as he is a big boy with a lot of energy who still needs reminders on not jumping up. With time and training he will make an excellent family dog. Winston is comfortable in a crate and good in the vehicle. He will chew up his blankets here at the shelter and should likely be crated when home alone. As Winston matures and his physical and mental needs are met on a more regular basis chances are high he will stop with this chewing behaviour. He is well house trained, neutered and up to date on vaccinations. If you’ve been looking for an active canine buddy apply today for a chance to meet WINSTON.