FOR ADOPTION: TYME is an absolutely stunning young adult male looking to become the centre of someone’s universe. He is approximately 18 month old and 44lbs of solid muscle. Tyme is a sweet, loveable boy that gets along well with people of all ages. Tyme
Has the athleticism and drive to be a great jogging, biking or back country skiing buddy but he will also be thrilled to spend an entire day cuddling on the couch if that is what his people need. Tyme is a dog that knows what he loves.. and what he doesn’t. He is not compatible with small animals and is quite selective when picking dog friends. Tyme has done well with some very calm and stable dogs that belong to our volunteers but he can be very reactive if other dogs are overly excited or have anxious energy. For this reason Tyme is looking for a home as an only pet where he can truly shine as the star we know he is. We would also prefer our handsome boy finds a rural home or a home with a family that is committed to having him muzzled while out walking. Tyme will not go out of his way to start trouble but he will also not take kindly to a strange dog rushing up unexpectedly. Tyme has been positively muzzled trained and is very comfortable sporting his muzzle. He is comfortable in his shelter kennel and would do well kennelled while home alone. Tyme has chewed up a few blankets and leashes during his alone time. We think this has been his way of letting us know he is tired of being at the shelter and wants to move to a home where his physical and emotional needs can be better fulfilled. Tyme seems to enjoy going for car rides and he does have good manners while out and about. Tyme is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on his parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a special boy to be the centre of your life apply today for a chance to meet TYME.