Sweetie - Adoption pending!

FOR ADOPTION: SWEETIE is a 1.5 year old female Shepherd mix, she was 41lbs at her last vet check and should stay right around that 40-45lb mark to have her happiest, healthiest life. Sweetie came to us as an emergency intake, she had been hit by a car while out wandering and brought into Babine Animal Hospital. Her owners chose to surrender her vs pay her vet bills. The initial Injuries didn’t look good for Sweetie, she had a badly broken pelvis and her sciatic nerve was running between the broken pieces causing severe pinching if she moved her leg the wrong way. She was on kennel rest as the local vets consulted with a specialist in Vancouver to make a plan for her best outcome. While waiting to hear back from the specialist Sweetie started to be able to move on her own and has been slowly progressing from there. Now, almost 4 months from her initial injury she not only walks but runs, jumps and plays. She had a final set of radiographs when she was spayed which show that her sciatic nerve must have shifted as she healed which has taken away a lot of Sweetie’s pain. Through all of her pain and healing Sweetie has truly lived up to her name. She is a loving, gentle and engaging dog that gets along well with everyone and everything. Sweetie is very gentle with our main caretaker’s sons who are 5 and 7. She is very good with other dogs when meeting face to face (but excitedly barks when she is on the other side of the fence). She wants to play and would likely love to make some young playful friends but she also very respectful of other dog’s boundaries and is capable of just calmly hanging out with friends. She was excellent when tested with the shelter cats, when they are just hanging out she could not care less about them…she was a little intimidated when a couple got playing and very quick to try and hide when a grumpy momma cat growled at her. Sweetie is a dog that loves to be with you. She just wants to be where her people are. She travels great in the vehicle and is well mannered indoors. She’s getting a little frustrated with all of her alone time at the shelter and at the end of her kennel rest she was starting to chew on her kennel wires a bit. Sweetie has been completely clean indoors even when she was so injured she had to be carried outside, she refused to go to the bathroom inside. She is likely a dog that will bark when first left alone but we do know she settles once she cannot hear you moving around outside. Sweetie is a fun, playful girl but she requires a low energy lifestyle. She is good for playtime in the yard and casual leashed walks around the neighbourhood but she is not capable of doing hikes, jogging, biking etc. Sweetie has very nice leash manners and rarely pulls when walked unless she sees friends she wants to go meet. The vets are positive Sweetie will develop arthritis as she gets older and chances are she will need medication once that happens but for now she is pain free with no meds she just has a slightly off gait. She is spayed, vaccinated, up to date on parasite control and ready to find her forever family. Apply today for a chance to meet SWEETIE