Sheero - adopted

FOR ADOPTION: SHEERO is a big, goofy preteen looking for a fun active family. At 8 months old and roughly 80lbs, he's already a big boy and he has a lot of filling out to do. Sheero spent his first seven months or so on a porch begging for attention and stimulation. As a result he is still learning basic manners such as not jumping all over you when he is excited and walking well on a leash. Sheero is a smart guy and with consistent handling he is quickly grasping the concept of keeping all four feet on the ground to receive affection and food. We think that with the right owner this boy's progress will be unstoppable. Sheero loves other dogs, especially other large playful ones. He has been getting a lot of socialization lately and is learning how to respectfully request playtime and that not all dogs like to play. Sheero would be happiest in a home where he will have a buddy for regular roughhousing. He's also been quite good with the cats. They interest him, he may chase if one were to run from him outside, but if they hiss or swat he quickly retreats. Sheero also loves children, however, he's a bit of a bull in a China shop still and small kids would quickly be knocked over if he got too excited. He is all about the cuddles, with time he is going to be one heck of a patient family dog. Sheero is big with lots of energy, once he is mature he will thrive in a home where he can accompany you jogging, cycling etc etc. The joints on these large dogs need time to fuze before they should be doing any high impact activities such as jumping in and out of vehicles, running for long stretches etc. This time frame is 18 to 24 months. We can go into more detail on this with successful applicants. Sheero is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and parasite control and ready to head home. If you have lots of time and energy and have been looking for the perfect dog to mould to your lifestyle, Sheero could be just your guy. Apply today for a chance to meet him!