Shades of Green Puppies

FOR ADOPTION: The SHADES OF GREEN PUPS are a litter of 9 approximately 8.5 week old Staffordshire Terrier cross puppies looking for fun, active, experienced homes for the holidays. We expect them to mature between 40 and 75lbs depending on the pup. These pups have been well socialized with people of all ages and will make tremendous family dogs. They are fun and playful but also extremely cuddly, we just cannot get enough of their puppy snuggles. They interact very well with each other, they will need continual positive socialization to help them grow into well mannered canine citizens. These pups will grow into good sized, powerful dogs so we will be looking for homes with dog ownership experience and ideally another well mannered dog to learn from in the home for them. Energy level will be dependant on the pup, they will vary from medium/low energy to high energy. Some will be happy with a couple of good walks around the block and lots of mental stimulation each day and other will be up for being running partners. These smart little babies are already paper trained and well on their way to housetrained. They are vaccinated, up to date on parasite control and will come with spay or neuter contracts in place. If you’ve been looking for a fun and loyal companion apply today  for a chance to meet the SHADES OF GREEN PUPS.

We do NOT do adoptions based on appearance and will not take any applications coming in for a specific pup based on their photos seriously. All adopters must be prepared to spend time with the pups and use their energy level and personality to decide who will be the best match for their family.