FOR ADOPTION: RYDER is a 1.5 year old male large mixed breed. He is approximately 85lbs of muscle and energy. This boy is built for an active life and will eagerly keep up on any hike, run, bike ride or ski trip you through at him. Ryder is a dog that will be his best self after burning his energy but he is capable of having a relaxing day every once in awhile. He is still a little lacking in the manners department, he was taught to jump up and hug [��] …We are working on not jumping up and he is learning so fast! He is highly food motivated and eager to learn which makes him a fun training partner. Ryder has excellent leash manners and rarely pulls while out walking the trails. He’s been very friendly with the other dogs and loves a rowdy play session with fun friends. He could use some work on calmly introducing himself to less playful buddies but is not aggressive just excited. He is interested in cats but not fixated. I think Ryder could learn to live with a bold, confident cat but he would absolutely chase one of it ran. Ryder has been clean in the kennel, good in the vehicle and only mildly destructive (chewing blankets) if his exercise needs are not met. Ryder’s quirk is he is very uncomfortable around children. He chooses to avoid kids if given the chance and will bark at them through the fence if they come close. We are unsure what has happened to him to have him so nervous around the kids but we do feel he needs a child free home to be his happiest self. He is recently neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you have been looking for a handsome boi to add a little fun and energy to your life, apply today for a chance to meet RYDER