Ryder - Adopted!

FOR ADOPTION: RYDER is a 2.5 year old male bully breed mix. He is right around 50lbs and built lean and muscular. He is a fun active boy with a medium energy level. Ryder will gladly keep up on most outdoor adventures but is also happy to spend time chilling at home with his people on lazy days. Ryder is gentle with young children and has lived very harmoniously with two small female dogs in the past. We have introduced him to a few other shelter dogs and dogs belonging to our volunteers, every introduction has gone very well. However, Ryder will get excited when walking past other dogs in the street and will bark and try to pull towards them, he needs help learning that this is not respectful behaviour. We’ve been doing lots of work on him sitting and starting to watch us in those circumstances. He seems excited around cats and wants to play with them but backs right off as soon as one growls at him or even arches its back. Ryder seems to have very good indoor manners and was crate trained in his previous home. He has been totally non destructive and clean while in our care. Ryder is still a fairly young guy and is a bit of a rambunctious teenager when he wants to play or is excited but he is learning quickly to not jump up and will be a wonderful dog with more training and time to mature. Ryder rides well in the vehicle and will be a fun adventure buddy. We are currently walking him in a halti as he likes to pull, he does very well with that. Ryder is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for an adventure buddy that also likes to cuddle apply today for a chance to meet RYDER