River - adoption pending

FOR ADOPTION: RIVER is a smart, stunning, and sensitive young female Heeler mix. River is looking for a kind, assertive human that will provide her with rules, boundaries, compassion and endless love. She is smart and active like a typical Heeler and will thrive with a job. We could see her working the field in a forestry or environmental type job, being a farm hand, or any other outdoorsy career. River loves an active lifestyle and would easily keep up hiking, jogging, cycling, skiing and horse back riding. River is a very submissive and sensitive girl. She is easy to teach right from wrong as a simple, stern "no" will stop her in her tracks. This can have negative side effects, River often thinks she's in trouble at the first sign of tension or raised voices and will submissive pee on occasion. She is also significantly more trusting and comfortable around women then men. She is also quite submissive with other dogs, she loves a good play session but only after she's flipped on her back and let them throughly sniff her. River's Heeler tendencies come out when she plays, her go to move is to bump with her snout much like a working Heeler would do. For this reason she should be supervised when playing with children, her intentions are pure but she needs to learn to control her "bumping". River has lived with cats her entire life and does very well with most of them. We have recently learned that she does need confident cats in her life, she will chase down a cat if they run but is good if they stand their ground. River grew up on a farm and is very good with livestock and has been trail riding often. She is spayed, tattooed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you think you have an environment in which River could thrive fill out an application for a chance to meet her!