Puppies! The Lily puppies

FOR ADOPTION: Meet the LILY PUPPIES Madonna, Stargazer, Pixie and Tiger Lily are 9 week old Boxer mix sisters. Momma is a purebred Boxer, she is in our care (but not looking for a new home) and families will be able to meet her, but dad is Unknown. These girls are on track to be large dogs, based on their current weights we would expect them to make between 80 and 110lbs. These girls are incredibly easy going and calm natured. They are fun and playful but not overly active.
We would expect a medium energy level as they mature. They have been phenomenal with two little boys that come to the shelter regularly. They will chase a d play but even at this young age they seem to understand to not jump up. They are mildly mouthy but let go as soon as they hear no. The Lily girls are also all quite confident and respectful towards the other dogs they are meeting through the fence at the shelter. Momma is a very easy going friendly girl and we expect her daughters to be very much the same. At 9 weeks old they are already well on their way to being house trained, they pee on newspaper when in the kennel but are already almost completely saving their pooping for outside. All interested families should check in with their local vets to ensure they are taking new patients at this time, a prebooked spay appointment will be required before approved families are able to take the pups home. If you’re interested in bringing home one of these amazing girls head apply today!
**A spay deposit will be required**