FOR ADOPTION: OLIVE is an approximately 3 year old female Husky mix looking for a fun family to call her own. She is small in size, approximately 40-45lbs built tall and lean. She is phenomenal with other dogs of all ages and sizes. Olive is friendly, respectful and incredibly playful with her canine pals and would Love to share her home with another dog or two. Olive is also wonderful with people of all ages including children. She is friendly and loving, she won’t make much of a guard dog but she is an amazing companion. Small animals and livestock are a different story for miss Olive. She has very high prey drive as she was used as a hunting dog by her previous family. For this reason She cannot ever live with small animals such as cats or rabbits or livestock and she will need to be leashed to have peaceful walks. Olive came to us after breaking her hind leg when she fell out of the back of a moving vehicle. She required major surgery to remove the head of her femur and weeks of rehab time post surgery. She is now healed and doing well. She still occasionally limps when she is playing too hard or wants to run quickly, our vet says that will always be something she does but it is due to the structure of her leg not pain. It doesn’t slow her down much though. She’s up for all sorts of hiking and cross country skiing but she will not be a great running or cycling companion as those activities will put a lot of stress on her leg. Olive is house trained. She had the occasional accident at her foster home but has been 100% clean in the shelter. She enjoys car rides and is non destructive with her toys. She does not enjoy confined spaces. She will whine when crated and is reluctant to enter her kennel at the shelter but learning quickly that it is her safe space to relax. Olive is spayed, vaccinated, up to date on parasite control and ready for a forever family. If you have been looking for a cute cuddle bug and adventure buddy apply today for a chance to meet OLIVE.

*due to COVID we are not currently doing adoptions outside of Northern BC*
*please expect approximately a weeks wait on an email response to your application*
*due to the incredibly high volume of applications we have been receiving only the most suitable matches for Olive will be contacted*