FOR ADOPTION: MYA is a 4.5 year old mid sized(approx 50lbs) female Husky mix that is looking for a fun, active family to call her own. Mya is a sweet, affectionate girl that is going to bond closely with her family but will take time to form the bond as she is still grieving her previous owner. Mya is a fun girl with a higher medium energy level, this girl could hike all day, snowshoe, cross country or down hill ski, bike, run.... you name it and she will be able to keep up. When you’re home from your activities Mya will be thrilled to curl up beside you for cuddle time or nap if you’re busy. Mya is just as happy with children as she is with adults, if you’re kind to her she will be kind to you. She is very good with other dogs, she will play if they are playful but is respectful if they are not. She has very happily lived with another older dog and has been friendly to all the other dogs we’ve introduced her to. Other animals will be a challenge for miss Mya though, she has a very strong prey drive and will not be placed in a home with small animals for their safety. She is also one that would chase animals such as deer or moose if given the chance and only come back when she feels ready. She has learned to relax around neighbouring cattle but is honestly not going to be a stellar farm dog. She does need work on her recall and will do best in a well fenced yard or on a run when outside. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort she is very smart and willing to learn so recall is not out of her realm of possibilities. Mya is house trained, non destructive, shows no signs of separation anxiety, and is a good watch dog. She will alert you to things going on around your property. She loves car rides but does need to fast before long rides as she does get car sick. Mya is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a fun, loving lady to share your active lifestyle with apply today for a chance to meet MYA.