FOR ADOPTION: HONEY is a 7 month old, approximately 70lb (and growing) female Akita/Great Pyrenees that is looking for a low key, loving home to call her own. This adorable girl comes to us with a very sad story to tell. She was run over as a young pup and her “breeders” were just going to let her suffer with her injuries and see how she made out. They agreed to give her to a caring woman that wanted to help. At Honey’s initial vet visit it was found that she had broken her pelvis, dislocated her femur form the hip socket and broke her femur. Honey had a long road to recovery ahead of her with a minimum of two expensive surgeries. The woman that took her in could not afford to give Honey the care she needed so they reached out and surrendered her to NWAS. Honey has been with us since she was a little over two months old. At her initial surgery she had pins placed to keep her femur together and was on strict crate rest to allow her pelvis time to fuse back together. This meant a rowdy, playful and loving pup was confined to a crate for all moments of the day expect when she was on a short leash to go to the bathroom. We got creative with mental stimulation and often moved Honey’s kennel around the shelter so she could see different animals and be close to us while we worked. When Honey went in for her pin removal surgery and next round of x-rays we were happily surprised to see that she was healing better than expected and her dislocated femur/hip was starting to right itself as she grew. It was decided that she would have a couple of months of limited activity and time to continue growing to see if that dislocation would fix itself or she would require further surgery. At this point one of our amazing volunteer families took Honey home to foster so she could have more one on one time. She was allowed to start puttering around the house and yard and build muscle in her hind end but no strenuous play or long walks etc. Honey was thrilled to be in her foster home getting all the cuddles and attention she could soak up. Honey was spayed at 6 months old and we did x-rays again, amazingly her femur worked its way back into her hip socket as she grew and she will not be requiring any further surgery! Honey will always be a dog that needs a low activity lifestyle and chances are very good that she will develop arthritis when she is older and require medication at that time. For now she is a happy, healthy and cuddly young dog looking for love. Honey is looking for a low activity family that enjoys cuddling, playing in the yard and leisurely walks around the neighbourhood. She is house trained, crate trained and walks well on a leash. Honey has taken to chewing on things such as blankets and toys when she is bored, this is likely something she will outgrow but for now she should be crated when alone in the house. Honey’s foster family says she is good in the vehicle and a very good protector of the yard. She will bark at dogs passing by and has chased a couple of bears away. Honey does very well with other dogs and would absolutely love to have a playful young buddy to wrestle with. She is also respectful of the more mature and calm dogs she meets and will not continually push them to play with her. She is currently living with a very large cat and does well with him other than not understanding why he won’t play with her. Honey will pair best with confident felines that enjoy the company of pooches. Honey absolutely loves children of all ages and would be thrilled to be a family pet or to have kids visit her in her new home. Honey is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a large cuddle bug apply today for a chance to meet HONEY