Herb Puppies

FOR ADOPTION: The HERB PUPPIES are a litter of 9 week old large breed mix puppies looking for fun, active forever families. We have Cilantro and Parsley pictured, their brother Basil had entropion surgery yesterday (his lower eyelashes were growing in towards his eyes instead of out) and he will be advertised once he is all healed up. This group came in with their momma who appears to be a Lab/Border Collie mix and their dad must have been a much larger dog (Possibly a St Bernard mix based on the looks of Basil and his entropion). Mom is approximately 50lbs and the pups are on track to be 100-130lbs when mature. These big babies are extremely human oriented and very ready to be treasured family members. They are playful and energetic companions that will happily keep up hiking, biking, jogging, skiing etc once they are mature. They are smart pups that will eagerly engage in training session and have already learned some recall and are mostly house trained (they do well all day but we are away from the shelter for too long overnight). The Herb pups will do well in homes with dog savvy or older kids. They are friendly and loving but also large and prone to jumping up. They will quickly learn good manners once they have the consistency of a family. Cilantro and Parsley are vet checked, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a large and active companion apply today for a chance to meet the HERB PUPPIES.
Spay and neuter contracts will be in place and all families will need to have or be able to make a relationship with a vet clinic prior to bringing home their baby.