FOR ADOPTION: GOOSE is a fun loving approximately 1 year old male 50lb mixed breed. If we had to guess we would say he is Husky/Lab. This beautiful boy is young and absolutely full of life. Goose has a higher energy level and he will keep up on any outdoor adventure. If you enjoy jogging, skiing, cycling etc Goose is going to be your guy. He also is a very friendly fellow that gets along well with other dogs of all sizes and ages and hasn’t met a person he doesn’t want to meet. He is a dog that has shown a strong prey drive towards small animals such as cats so he should not be cohabitating with them. He should also be kept strictly on leash when out and about until he has a reliable recall. Goose’s zest for life can err on the side of over excitement. He will do best with a family that is committed to teaching him obedience that will give him tools to relax when it’s not go time. Goose is a keen learner and has come a long way in the few weeks he has been with us but he does still need to master keeping his feet on the floor and calmly sitting while being handled. For now Goose would be best suited to a home without small children but once he has mastered his manners he will be an exceptional family dog. Goose is showing signs of separation anxiety, he does bark when alone, so his family should have experience working through these issues or be willing to work with a trainer to set him up for success. We feel that if Goose was getting the exercise he needs and had a person or family that was able to be with him often he will be less worried about being left alone. We know that Goose is going to require consistent work with his new family when he first comes home but we truly feel his silly, quirky and extremely fun loving demeanour will make all the training time worthwhile. Goose is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’re willing to put in the work to help a fun young dog develop into the best version on himself, apply today for a chance to meet GOOSE
Please note that applications for Goose will not be processed until after Christmas.