FOR ADOPTION: DOGGO is an approximately 11 month old male Shepherd mix that needs a knowledgeable home with patience and lots of Time to spend with him. For the right person he will devote his heart and soul to you and he really wants to please.He was 45lbs when he was neutered and is built tall. He has filled out a fair bit since his surgery and we wouldn’t be surprised if he was over 60lbs now. He spent all of his younger months on a tie out cable in the yard which has left him with some behavioural issues that he is working hard to overcome. This boy loves people including children, is wonderfully playful with some other dogs if he is able to be introduced to them properly and has done well in his initial testing with cats. Doggo shows signs of previous abuse, he was initially very body sensitive especially around his stomach and hind end . We’ve spent a lot of time building Doggo’s trust in us using positive reinforcement and he is now more than happy to get full body messages and is into the idea of cuddles etc. He is likely never going to be a dog that likes to be lifted but we’ve taught him to go in and out of the vehicle with a ramp and started work on jumping in himself but he will need an owner with a lot of time to continue working on this with him. Doggo is a dog that is very easily overexcited by other dogs and will need an extremely calm, well socialized companion if he is to be living with another dog right away. If another dog is barky and aggressive sounding Doggo will get barky back but he is very quickly Learning to focus back on his handlers/treats when asked. His bark has been compared to a scream by many people, his owner is going to need to be able to stay calm and focused in loud and most likely embarrassing situations to help him fully overcome this issue. He needs a lot of help to learn how to appropriately say hello, we’ve been doing his introductions with our own personal dogs that we know won’t initiate a fight. We are introducing him to other dogs by going for a walk. He is initially very loud and excited but as he calms we are able to let him sniff and make friends, at the end of the day all his wants are some friends to play with. He has been good with cats, talkative but non aggressive he could do well with a bold, confident feline but would likely chase if one ran. Doggo is resource possessive and will need to be closely monitored at feeding times if their are other pets in his home. He is not a dog that will do well being free fed. Doggo has a great medium Energy level, he loves to go and will keep up on any outside adventure but he could also easily spend a day lounging about. The biggest thing he needs is mental Stimulation. This boy is SMART and his brain needs an outlet. We could see him going very far in obedience training with a dedicated owner or he could do low level agility or scent work. He is eager to please and has been thoroughly enjoying his clicker training. He is very people and food oriented and after lots of bonding time and recall training he will have the potential to make a great off leash hiking partner but for now a leash will be required to prevent him from chasing wildlife or very rudely introducing himself to other people and dogs Doggo has been completely clean in his kennel and non destructive towards his toys. He does have minor separation anxiety and will bark if he is confined and cannot see you, he is also nervous of small Confined spaces and would need a larger roomy crate and lots of time to get comfortable in it before being left alone. His nervousness fo small spaces does transfer over to the vehicle, car rides are near the bottom of his list of enjoyable activities. His separation anxiety lessening the longer he is with us and we think that he will outgrow this behaviour as he settles into a family and learns the routine. Doggo is an athletic fella that could effortlessly clear a 6ft fence. We currently have him tied when he is in the yard unattended as he is the type that would gladly take himself to visit the neighbours. He is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a diamond in the rough and have lots of time to dedicate to training apply today for a chance to meet DOGGO.
Please note that due to the incredibly high volume of applications we have been receiving only the very best possible matches for Doggo will be contacted. Also, we are still only accepting applications from Northern BC due to COVID 19.