DIFF is a a 1 year old, Approximately 30lb female Red Heeler. She is also the infamous Hungry Hill Heeler. This pretty girl was on her own roaming between Barret Station Rd on the Houston side of Hungry Hill to Olsen Rd in Quick for 2.5 months. She escaped her owners vehicle at the rest stop and evaded all capture attempts from that point on. Diff was live trapped by some dedicated volunteers on New Year’s Day and made her way into the shelter. It took some time for Diff’s digestive system to adjust to regular feedings again but other than that she was remarkably easy to have around. Despite avoiding capture attempts, Diff was thrilled to be back with people. She’s an outgoing, affectionate girl that blossoms under the attention of others. Although she is incredibly sweet and well mannered indoors, it was quickly realized that Diff is not going to be an easy girl to find the perfect home for. She is extremely high energy with a strong prey drive and unreliable off leash. Heelers are known for being high energy but this girl takes that up another notch. She is used to jogging over 20km a day and will need regular intense exercise to stay happy, there is no activity you could do that Diff will not keep up with. On top of the physical exercise, Diff is a smart cookie that will need regular mental stimulation to help her be the best dog she can. Our ideal home for Diff would be someone that actively competes in dog sports such as agility, rally Obedience or dock diving. She is bred to working cattle but it would take a lot of work for her to be trustworthy off leash and able to effectively work cows. Diff had to hunt to survive while she was on her own and we think she thoroughly enjoyed it... Diff’s prey drive towards cats, squirrels and other small critters is not something that will NOT be trained out of her. We will not be placing her in a home where she will be expected to live with any small animals now or in the future. Lastly, just based on her history of being on the run, Diff is not a dog that will do well off leash without significant bonding time and training with her new family. We know Diff will not be easy but we also know she will 100% be worth the effort. Diff LOVES to be loved, she gives hugs and kisses and will absolutely worship the ground her owners walk on if they can meet her needs. Diff is wonderful with kids and really enjoys other playful dogs. She is house trained, very rewarding to train and has been non destructive in her kennel. Diff is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control.

If you’ve been looking for a dog to build a strong bond and working relationship with apply today for a chance to meet DIFF.