Dandelion - adoption pending

FOR ADOPTION: DANDELION is a 16 week old, large breed mix puppy that we are expecting to mature somewhere between 80 and 100lbs. This guy is gentle, intelligent and incredibly loving. Dandelion is great with other dogs of all sizes and ages and very gentle with small children but has not had any exposure to cats. He is very eager to learn and has been responding very well to positive reinforcement training, he could easily learn obedience or fun tricks. He is a very people oriented pup, we expect him to grow into an incredibly loyal dog with lots of off leash potential. Dandelion has a medium to high energy level, this big guy could easily keep up on long hikes, jogging, biking etc but he would also happily spend the day cuddling if that is what you wanted to do. Dandelion does not go to the bathroom in his kennel but he will need some time to learn that the entire house is off limits for relieving himself. He is a smart guy so completing his house training should be an easy task. Dandelion's litter did contract parvo at 6 weeks old, he is a happy healthy pup but is a carrier of the virus and will be shedding virus in his stool until roughly mid June (as per our vet), he will require a little extra diligence by his family to ensure the virus is not spread to other dogs. We will happily go into detail on this with successful applicants. He is up to date on vaccinations and parasite control and will come with a Neuter contract in place. If you think this handsome fellow could be the right match for you, apply today at for a chance to meet DANDELION.