FOR ADOPTION: COPA is a one year old female bully breed mix that weighs approx 45lbs. Copa is a high energy, smart and active girl that is looking for a family that is prepared to offer her lots of mental and physical stimulation. She will need long walks, jogs, or bike rides daily and we will want her in a training program to keep her mind busy. Copa is food and toy motivated and has responded very well to positive reinforcement training. With an eager handler Copa could do very well in agility, dock diving or rally obedience. Copa has lived with other dogs in the past but we have found her to be very excitable and unpredictable around new dogs. As of now we are only considering homes for her as an only dog. After a lot of time and training she does have the potential to befriend another very calm and submissive dog. She would need to be closely monitored if living around small animals such as cats, rabbits or chickens. Preference will be given to homes where she will be an only pet. She has the personality to fill any heart all on her own. Copa came to us with a history of nipping at strangers after they invaded her space and did not listen to her cues asking them to back off. We’ve done extensive training and testing with her and do not feel she is a danger. We are looking for a home with experience with powerful dogs. She will need an owner that is comfortable being her pack leader. Someone that will have firm rules and boundaries for her but that is also willing to tell other humans to back off if they are making her uncomfortable. Naturally the shelter is a high traffic area and we have not hand any issues with her with volunteers or people coming to the shelter to meet animals we only allow her to be pet when she is calm and comfortable and have found she warms up to new people very quickly in this manner (having treats also helps). She has been very good with one of our caretaker’s kids aged 3 and 5 and could live with kids that are used to high energy dogs. Copa is a fairly intense dog that requires a lot physical and mental stimulation but in the right home she is going to be an incredibly fun and devoted pet. She will likely not be easy to initially adjust to a family but patience and perseverance with her will pay off in spades. We would recommend signing up for training classes for anyone bringing Copa home on trial. This will give good tools To build on right from the start and help you forge a bond right away. Copa is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you have the experience and time to train and work with a fun driven dog apply today for a chance to meet COPA.

*due to COVID we are not doing adoptions outside of Northern BC*
*expect at least a week to hear back on your application as we are getting an externally high volume of applications right now*
*due to the high volume of applications only the best possible matches for COPA will be contacted