Complimentary Post - Moose


*This dog is NOT in the care of NWAS and we make no claims to his temperament or attributes*

Moose will be two years old on May.10th of this year. He is neutered and up to date on all of his shots. Moose is great with dogs of all sizes, kids and most cats though he will chase them if they run. I took him out of an emergency situation because he is very bad with livestock, he might be fine supervised but I would not trust him out there alone left to his owndevices...because of this we would prefer him to go to a home without. He is rough 100lbs and has a huge amount of hair so would do best as a predominately outside dog in some kind of outdoor enclosure. He loves to be petted, brushed and just be with his person. He is a bit skittish around men but does warm up to them, I’m not sure of his history in this department. He would be a great companion dog for someone active and he loves to wrestle. Moose is such a clown and I just want him to go to the best home possible. I would keep him myself but he is very large for my current housing arrangements and would be much happier to be spending most of his time outside. Because he has long fluffy hair and a thick under coat he sheds heavily twice a year, I am currently part of the way done dealing with his winter coat so there’s a possibility that the new adopters won’t have too much work until fall. If you're interested in Moose please call 250-877-0680