FOR ADOPTION: COLE is a spunky, loyal, loving and intelligent 2 year old male Lab/Something Bully. Cole has an amazing zest for life and eagerness to please that makes him an absolute pleasure to be around. He is a medium to high energy boy that will happily keep up while cycling, running, mountain biking etc. but also loves to cuddle up and relax with his humans. He is friendly and playful with people of all ages including young children. This guy could play fetch, tug or chase all day long. Cole is mostly good with other animals. He has lived with cats in the past and ignores them if they are calm. However, we could see him taking chase after a cat if it ran. With other dogs Cole wants to be friends but does need time to slowly warm up to new buddies. Our biggest concern with other animals is that Cole is quite food possessive towards other animals (this doesn't cross over to people). For this reason we will only consider homes with other animals for Cole if the humans are meticulously tidy and can ensure there will never be food crumbs etc that could spark a reaction. NWAS is lucky to have Tanisha from CDN K9 SMITHERS as a relatively new volunteer with our organization. She has been working regularly with Cole and we have seen vast improvements in his general manners, obedience and food possessiveness. Any family interested in Cole must be willing to take a couple of obedience lessons with him and Tanisha to learn how he has been learning. Cole is an incredibly intelligent guy with limitless potential and we all want to set him up as best we can to succeed. He is house trained, muzzle trained, loves the vehicle, and walks beautifully on a halti. Cole is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you're a committed and energetic family or person looking for a loving forever friend apply today for a chance to meet COLE!