FOR ADOPTION: CISCO is an 8 year old, 85lb male Merama mix that is looking for his happily ever after. This sweet boy has had a very hard life. He was previously a working guardian dog and did his job well until he witnessed the rest of his pack be taken out by wolves and was then left to fend for himself by the farmer. This abandonment forced him to turn to the lambs as a food source or he would have faced starvation. Cisco was rescued from his horrific situation by a very kind farming family who spent a year bringing him back to health and trying to rehabilitate him back to a working guardian dog. Unfortunately the prey drive for lambs has been ingrained in our big boy and he will not be able to go back to work, so he is with us looking for a companion home. Cisco is phenomenal with people of all ages but has a very special Spot in his heart for children. He is good with small animals such as chickens and cats but not larger livestock like sheep or goats. He has lived with horses in his most recent home but took awhile to get used to their presence. Cisco is quite good with other dogs, friendly and sociable. In all honesty though Cisco will likely be happiest as an only dog so he gets all of the attention. Cisco has a wonderful lower medium energy level. He could hike all day and was jogging a few kilometres with the woman that rescued him but he is just as happy to hang out around the yard with his people. As amazing as Cisco’s personality is he does come with some baggage as well. Cisco suffers from rather intense anxiety in confined spaces. He is learning to enjoy being indoors with his people but will need a home where he can have constant access to the outdoors as well. Ideally Cisco will have an owner that works from home and will be able to be with him the vast majority of the time. We could see him doing well in a hobby farm that does not keep larger livestock or in town with a well fenced lot. Despite being a guardian dog Cisco is not a big barker. He will alert when there are predators but otherwise is very happy to spend his days quietly lounging about. Cisco will need a secured metal outdoor area to keep him safe and comfortable while his owners have to be away from him. He has chewed his way though wood and lighter wire fencing. Cisco’s anxiety of small spaces does transfer over to the vehicle as well but he is learning that car rides can be fun he just needs someone sitting close by to reassure him. Cisco is now neutered, he has recently had a full dental procedure, he is vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for large cuddle buddy to compliment your homebody lifestyle apply today for a chance to meet CISCO.
*we are only doing adoptions within Northern BC due to COVID
*due to the high volume of applications we have been receiving only the very best possible matches for Cisco will be contacted
* please expect a minimum of one weeks wait for an application response