FOR ADOPTION: CHEVY is a 7 year old male Kelpie cross that is about 45lbs. He is a fun, active fella looking for a household with lots of time to spend with him. Chevy is on the higher end of a medium energy level. He could easily keep up running, biking etc and really does best when he is getting that sort of exercise a couple of times a week or more. He is also highly intelligent and enjoys mental stimulation. We’ve been using treat dispensing toys to keep him thinking and he would be a good candidate for fun agility type training. He has not had the opportunity to learn reliable recall and for that reason he should be on leash until he has built a strong bond and his new family has taught him basic recall on a long line or fenced area. Due to his athleticism and smarts Chevy is not a dog that will do well left in a fenced yard while alone, he can climb most fences to find himself some stimulation. Luckily he is non destructive when left inside with some toys or chews. Chevy has lived with two small female dogs for 5 years with no issues but we’ve been told he can be reactive towards new dogs, Specifically dominant or intact males. We’ve successfully introduced him to a few other dogs while he has been in our care with no altercations. He is a dog that we introduce to others slowly while out on a walk and would monitor him closely while he settles into life with a new dog companion. He’s not a great candidate for the Dog park but has been great while leashed on walks. Chevy was excellent when we did Cat testing at the shelter, immediately backing off from any cat that growled at him. We have been told he will chase a cat if it runs but stops when they stop. He has grabbed a chicken once, did not kill it but certainly scared it. We do suggest he be on leash while meeting the cats and birds. Kids are something else Chevy has lived with for years but due to recent bad experiences we will only place Chevy in a home with very gentle and mature children. He will need an owner that is willing to tell kids and/or strangers to back off when Chevy is feeling uncomfortable rather than allowing them to push his limits. When he knows he can trust you to have his back, Chevy will go to the end of the earth to please you. Chevy is a very loyal, smart boy that will bond closely with a family that is willing and able to give him adequate exercise and attention, and stand up for him if he is in a situation that makes him uncomfortable. Chevy is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’re looking for a fun loving, loyal
Companion apply today for a chance to meet CHEVY