FOR ADOPTION: CHANEL is a 6 year old Female German Shepherd mix that is looking for her true forever family. She is a large, strong girl in the 80lb range and she will require a family that has previous experience with large breed dogs. Chanel is incredibly sweet and affectionate with people of all ages when she is on her own or in comfortable environments. She is quite reactive to new dogs and requires very slow, supervised introductions with calm dogs if she is to make new friends. She has lived with other dogs previously and could do so again with the right family leader. She is not a dog that will be happily going to dog parks or easily walked on busy trails or streets. She is very well muzzle trained and comfortable wearing a basket muzzle for when she needs to be in situations around other dogs. She dreams of a family that will be able to take her on long hikes or even jogs and bike rides in the woods where she doesn’t need to be effected by other dogs. Chanel has been non reactive and respectful of the kennelled cats at the shelter but we do think she would chase if she is excited or over stimulated. Chanel is house trained, non destructive and good in the vehicle. Chanel is snuggly, playful and trainable. Overall she is a very fun dog to have around if she does not have to constantly be interacting with new dogs. If you’ve been looking for a new buddy to share your rural life with please apply today for a chance to meet CHANEL.